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Emboldened by our Bath Skyline hike and our climb up Hay Bluff, we wanted to do some proper hikes while we were in North Wales. On this particular day, the forecast was not so great for the mountains around Snowdonia, but much nicer out in Anglesey along the coast. We found a 7km hike, and set out while it was still raining back in Llanrug. Worryingly, it continued to rain as we drove across Anglesey. But then, like magic, as we arrived at Cemaes Bay, the clouds cleared, and we were rewarded with a glorious sunny day with calm winds. The trail was hard work with lots of up-and-down as we walked along the coast. But the views were definitely worth the tired legs.

The first third of the walk was very easy, through rolling farmland.
We climbed our first bluff to get a view of the sea and sit down to enjoy some lunch.
The ruins of a Victoria-era pottery works are down near the beach.
The church of St. Padrig and its cemetery overlooking the sea.
The Porth Padrig beach.

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