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We decided to stay in Bath for a full week, using it as a base to explore the surrounding area. We had lovely accommodations in Bathwick, a short walk up Great Pultney Street to the town centre, but also near to lots of green space. Our location inspired us to do a long walk (10k, definitely long for 5 year-old legs!) around the outskirts of the city. Of course, we also hit the tourist hot spots: a tour around the Roman Baths, Evensong at Bath Abbey, and a walk to admire the Georgian architecture. It’s a really pretty place to visit, especially when the sun shines. And when it didn’t, we found board game cafés and trampoline parks to help while away the hours.

Pultney Bridge, connecting the Bath Town Centre to Bathwick
Bath Abbey rocking some first-rate flying buttresses.
Intrepid explorers set off on the Bath Skyline Walk. They completed all 10k, with energy to spare.
Roman baths
The Circle — grand Georgian architecture.
The Bath skyline. She’s a beauty!


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