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Since we last visited Stonehenge 20+ years ago, they have reconfigured the site so you park some distance away and either walk or take a shuttle bus up to the stone circles. The current set-up gives the tourists a bit more room to spread out and creates a bit more of a sense of grandeur — in the old days the carpark was right next to the site, and you felt like you were being shuffled past as quickly as possible. English Heritage have also done a good job on the new visitors centre, putting a lot of oomph into a few small exhibits and having first-rate volunteers delivering commentary.

After Stonehenge, we headed up the road to Avebury to wander around their much-larger stone circle, and capped off the day with an Easter trail through the gardens of Avebury Manor.

The heel stone marks the point where the sun will rise on the summer solstice.
The Avebury stone circle is spread out over a much larger area…
…and then you can get up-close and personal with the stones themselves.
The daffodils were in fine form at Avebury Manor

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