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It was a very rainy day when we set out for Hadrian’s Wall. We’d originally hoped to time our visit around the weather, but due to the various sicknesses, we only had this one day. Thus, resolute in our quest to see yet another Unesco World Heritage sight (we’ve done remarkably well here in the UK), we pressed through the grim weather to see one of the most famous stretches of the wall, including Steel Rigg, the Sycamore Gap and Crag Lough. The weather actually cleared for the first hour of the walk, only to come back with a vengeance as we turned for home. By the end, we were very, very wet, and very, very muddy, but we had enjoyed some epic views of the anti-Pict barrier.

Setting out, walking down the wall
The eponymous sycamore in the Sycamore Gap (bonus content for all the Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves fans out there).
Admiring the view, while mostly ignoring Dad’s pontificating.
Crag Lough
Sycamore Gap from across the fields.
Very, very sodden by the end.

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