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This past weekend in Northumberland we got the inverse of our wonderful weather luck in Wales and Northern Ireland. Just as everyone was feeling well enough to tackle the great outdoors again, the fog rolled in off the North Sea. So while it made for some very atmospheric walking, the views didn’t amount to much. On Saturday, we visited Low Newton-by-the-Sea and walked across the fields to a nearby beach before retiring to the pub for supper. On Sunday, we walked from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle and back before visiting another pub. Both pubs were just the kind of warm, cosy spots that you want on a foggy coastline, and even if the weather wasn’t great, the fresh sea breezes and tired legs ensured the pie, seafood and chips went down very nicely.

Low Newton-by-the-Sea is a former fishing village maintained by the National Trust. As we set out on our walk, you could still see the village over the fields.
Puffy jacket and hood? Sounds like perfect beach weather! (At the delightfully-named Football Hole Beach)
A bit further down the coast near Craster, the waves crash into a small cove.
Dunstanburgh Castle looms through the mist, located about halfway between Craster and Low Newton-by-the-Sea
If you squint, you can just about see the ocean just beyond the ramparts.
Exploring some of the rocky coast beneath Dunstanburgh Castle

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