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Just to wrap up the diving, we’ve got a few very short videos that maybe give a better sense of what it’s like to be 10-to-fifteen meters under the sea. Unfortunately the camera microphone picks up more sound than we can actually hear under there, so we don’t get to hear all those bubbles that make it sound like we’ve got a bong on the go.

Some of the other interesting underwater shots, including a shoal of squid and a hermit crab on top of a coral shelf (row two), a massive, intricate brain coral (middle of row 4) and, shyly poking his nose out of his anenome home at the bottom, Nemo himself.

A 6:30 am dive — probably the best time to be out, as the reef is really bustling. You see larger schools of fish than you tend to see later in the day, like the lump-headed parrotfish looming together at the surface in the top left shot. Also noticeably energetic was a triggerfish (colourful one in the photo middle left, cuddling up to the rocks) which decided to take a bite or two at Susan’s fins as we went by.

Looking as stylish as ever in our diving-wear, we went for a couple of night dives, which was a pretty crazy experience. The first was with a big group, but the second was just the two of us, on our own in the dark ocean with a torch and glow stick each. We took the camera for that one and learned that underwater photography at night is…stupidly hard! Still, here’s the blurry best of a bad bunch. Swear to God that somewhere in the last one is the (not at all aggressive) reef shark that was circling the boat as