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Our final mega-meal of the trip, at Quay. Rather impressive views of the Opera House*. Bloody good food, if slightly nondescript in the photos above. *Impressive, that is, so long as a cruise ship isn’t docked. The restaurant is in the terminal building, and accordingly your view on those days would be of portholes or on-board casinos or feeding troughs or whatever. And extremely generous with the wine, resulting in an afternoon spent passed out on our bed.

Our lovely airbnb hosts took us north of Cairns to Trinity Beach for a beach barbie. Delicious garlic shrimp with salad and chips from the takeaway. No swimming on this beach, though — too much risk of stingers. On our way back, we stopped off to see the nighttime view out over Cairns.

Our Christmas stockings were stuffed with a selection of New Zealand’s finest sweeties, including such intriguing options as Jaffas, Pineapple Lumps, and lemon & paeroa white chocolate. Taste testing was obviously required, and the Jaffas (orange sugar coating, chocolate inside) emerged the consensus winners. Pineapple Lumps divided the judging panel, but Ollie showed his loyalty by rather impressively devouring a whole pack in 20 minutes in the evening after Christmas lunch.

Another delicious lunch at another beautiful Hawke’s Bay winery. Oysters, fried pork belly, lamb rump, beef fillet, hay ice-cream with rhubarb and white chocolate, deconstructed lemon meringue pie, all washed down with Craggy Ridge’s finest wines.