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One of the things we really wanted to do in Hong Kong was go out for a bang-up Cantonese meal. We tried several weeks ago to get into Lung King Heen, but never moved up beyond third on the waiting list for Monday lunch. Undaunted, we secured a table at Shang Palace, and sailed into a couple of their set lunch menus.

Quite the feast (starred are pictured):

  • *Steamed dumplings
  • *Barbecue meat combination
  • *Braised fish maw broth with crab roe and fungus
  • Braised winter melon soup with crab meat and conpoy
  • *Pan-fried scallop filled with shrimp paste and teriyaki sauce
  • Sautéed garoupa fillet and seasonal greens with black truffle
  • *Pan-fried diced beef tenderloin and goose liver with teriyaki sauce served in a golden nest
  • Braised homemade bean curd with snow fungus, cloud fungus, and lily bulb
  • Braised e-fu noodles with dried seafood and shredded fish maw
  • *Braised egg noodles with cordycep flowers and emoki mushrooms in abalone jus
  • Shang palace trio of desserts
  • *Chilled mango pudding

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