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When we were planning this grand adventure, one of the things the kids really wanted to see was the Vasa, a famous 17th century battleship, now on display in Stockholm. Meanwhile, we had a friend who had moved to southern Sweden who invited us to come spend the Midsommar holiday with him and his wife. And since we were going that way, why not add in a little side trip in Denmark to take the kids to Legoland? And that’s how it came to pass that we drove over 1,350 kilometres in 5 days. As itineraries go, it one was not entirely unreasonable, and at least we had the good sense not to drive all the way to Stockholm (a further 1350km round trip).

In the end, It was a successful five-day road trip, as long as you don’t think too hard about the cost of fuel and tolls in Scandinavia. The kids happily listened to audiobooks for hours on end, we were quite charmed by random Danish towns, and we took in a few landmarks along the way.

Between northern France and Düsseldorf, we stopped for lunch at Waterloo. The Butte de Lion was constructed by the Dutch king to commemorate the spot where his son and heir was shot. Nowadays, you can visit a museum, or be hoisted by a crane to eat lunch on a platform while pop music blares in the background. It’s surreal.
The speed-limit free autobahn let us reach heretofore unprecedented speeds, if only for very short stretches.
The lovely town of Haderslev in southeastern Denmark has a huge pond in the town centre
The historic Haderslev cathedral, with a distinctly Lutheran grandeur.
Driving across the Øresund bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden. The toll approaches $100 CAD, so you best get your money’s worth and enjoy the view!

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