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Berlin is a big, spread-out city (especially sprawling when compared to Paris), with a wide variety of neighbourhoods. We were staying in an old West Berlin neighbourhood between Charlottenburg and Willmersdorf, which felt like it could easily have been in Munich or Düsseldorf. But then in the centre, you have what can only be Berlin: the very grand Prussian architecture of Museum Island and the Brandenburg Gate, modern steel and metal high-rises sprouting up in what used to be the no-man's land of Potsdamer Platz. Then there's crowded hipster buzz of neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg and Neukölln directly adjacent to the

When we were planning this grand adventure, one of the things the kids really wanted to see was the Vasa, a famous 17th century battleship, now on display in Stockholm. Meanwhile, we had a friend who had moved to southern Sweden who invited us to come spend the Midsommar holiday with him and his wife. And since we were going that way, why not add in a little side trip in Denmark to take the kids to Legoland? And that's how it came to pass that we drove over 1,350 kilometres in 5 days. As itineraries go, it one

Düsseldorf was our inflection point as we turned north from France towards Scandinavia. My mother's home town, it was somewhere I went to annually as child to visit my grandparents. It's probably not on most itineraries for the Ruhr region (nearby Köln/Cologne is bigger and cooler) but it's a lovely place to stop, accessible and welcoming, with just that right amount of familiarity (at least for me). We were only there for a couple of nights, but that was enough to go for an evening stroll along the banks of the Rhine, snag some bargains in the city's excellent clothes