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It's not true to say that this has been an adult-centric trip. We schlepped to Belfast and are on our way to Stockholm because our kids wanted to visit museums in those cities. We have visited any number of kid-friendly museums and playgrounds over the last six months. But everything we have done so far also held appeal for adults, even if that appeal was just "sit on bench, drink coffee, and read" while kids play. Legoland is in a different category. It was a special trip to an out-of-the-way place for two full days of kid-focused fun in a

When we were planning this grand adventure, one of the things the kids really wanted to see was the Vasa, a famous 17th century battleship, now on display in Stockholm. Meanwhile, we had a friend who had moved to southern Sweden who invited us to come spend the Midsommar holiday with him and his wife. And since we were going that way, why not add in a little side trip in Denmark to take the kids to Legoland? And that's how it came to pass that we drove over 1,350 kilometres in 5 days. As itineraries go, it one