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Prague was one of our very favourite stops on the trip. We had the good fortune to visit during a brief dip in the summer heat, with daytime highs a very-pleasant 25ºC during our stay. The first week of July also happens to contain a couple of Czech national holidays, which is perhaps why everything seemed distinctly less busy (fewer cars on the road, lots of families seemingly off work). Everything, that is, except the zoo, which was teeming with families enjoying the first days of school summer holidays!

At any time of year, the sights are very compact, so it’s easy to really immerse yourself in the city all in one go, with casual strolls through absurdly pretty laneways, squares, and bridges. After the sprawling scale of Berlin, this was extremely refreshing. English was widely spoken, so it was easy to navigate, and there was a wealth of history to explore, from the early Bohemian/Czech state and Holy Roman Empire through to the Communist era.

Probably our best move, in hindsight, was to stay in Letna, just to the north of the Old Town. Our apartment was lovely, with a decadent rooftop deck to sit and enjoy the sunset over the city. The broader neighbourhood was a bit removed from the tourist hubbub, and felt more like “real Prague” where locals (“Praguers”? “Praguanians”? “Pragistas”?) live and go out. Just 15 minutes from the centre via many frequent trams, the neighbourhood boasts the world’s best beer garden views, superb coffee shops, and trendy restaurants.

The Prague Zoo is built into the side of a hill. The cable cars carry visitors up and down.
Tiger, relishing lunch, while sizing up the potential for grabbing a visitor for dessert.
Saint Wenceslas statue in Wenceslas Square
A beer garden in Letna, looking out over the city.
Sunset from our rooftop balcony

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