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There is so much Jewish history in Prague, with a wealth of sites clustered in the Old Town. Six different synagogues, and a remarkable cemetery, all brought together by the Jewish Museum in Prague, giving a detailed picture of the rich Jewish culture that existed in the city for centuries, before being shattered by the Holocaust.

As with other sites, we had to get up pretty early to avoid the cruise ship crowds (as everywhere in the centre of Prague), as all the locations are small, but it was certainly worth it. Not pictured is the upstairs gallery at the Pinkas synagogue, which is filled with drawings done by Jewish children while they were living in Theresienstadt before being deported east to extermination camps. Their depictions of life in the ghetto and their memories of time before (some by children as young as 5) make the thousands of names on the walls below all the more devastating.

Inside the Spanish Synagogue
Exterior of the Mail Synagogue
The Pinkas Synagogue now functions as a Holocaust memorial. The names of nearly 78,000 Jewish Czechs who were killed in the Holocaust are inscribed on the walls.
Tombstones in the Jewish cemetery

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