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The Morgan Motor Company is a venerable factory in Worcestershire that has been making cars on the same premises since 1914. They have three models of cars, all built by hand at their workshops in the Malvern Hills. While we were in the area, we booked a ‘Morgan Experience’ tour so we could see how their craftsmen build 15 cars a week, each one unique and built-to-order. The tour is genuinely excellent; you get an up-close look at cars being built in busy workshops. The boys were fascinated to see the work-in-progress, and even as non-petrol-heads, it was really interesting to see how these machines get built. The resulting cars are wildly impractical: no space to store luggage or put the shopping, let alone cart around children. But they sure are beautiful, and now we know exactly what to get if we need a mid-life crisis sportscar.

Morgan uses wooden frames on their four-wheel cars.
A Plus 8 sitting on display in the workshops

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