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Our children are Titanic obsessives. It started with an innocent trip to the Toronto Aquarium, which happened to have a temporary exhibit on shipwrecks. Since then it has moved on to cover shipwrecks of all kinds, with a special emphasis on ships sunk in battle. But Titanic is still their first love, and the Titanic Museum was the single stop they were most excited about on the whole trip. It did not disappoint. The museum is so well done: both comprehensive and moving with everything from whiz-bang interactives and like, a database of every ship Harland and Wolff ever built. They have put so much thought and care into the details of the building and exhibits, it’s a real treat to visit.

We deviated from our normal pattern of airbnb and vrbo to stay at the TItanic Hotel across the street from the museum. It really added to the experience.
There is a ride that takes you through the building of the ship. The most startling fact is that most of the rivets in the Titanic were done by hand, with five-person teams hammering them in. The teams were paid by the rivet.
As we got into the sinking, the exhibit turned atmospheric and emotional.
But always very detailed with the facts. This wall shows the name and fate of every person aboard the ship when she sank.


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