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The dominant mode of transport in Siem Reap and Angkor is the tuk-tuk. The sites are so numerous and spread out that T
you can’t really walk between them. Biking is feasible, but the weather’s so hot that it’s not the most comfortable, and you’re on your own for navigation. Cars are faster and come with drivers but are more expensive and also a bit anti-septic. Tuk-tuks are best of all worlds. Our driver, Thean*, took us around to all of the temples, advising on timing and so on to avoid the crowds. The tuk-tuk goes slowly enough that you can really appreciate the countryside, but quickly enough that the breeze is better than a/c on sticky summer days. Thean always had a cooler full of cold water waiting for us at every stop, and he was the one who really encouraged us to venture as far as the floating villages. A fabulous way to get around and see the sights.

* Much smilier than the top photo would suggest. Also a rather awesome political activist, always happy to give us a decent dose of venom regarding various corrupt government practices.

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