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On our last day in New Zealand, we drove down the west coast towards Auckland, stopping at Hokianga Harbour, and in the Waipoua Kauri Forest to see Tane Mahuta (the largest kauri tree alive) and the Four Sisters. This country really is stupidly beautiful and photogenic.

The best tour of the trip so far, by a long way, was the day of sailing around the Bay of Islands on Te Kaihau. It was run by Tom, who owns the trimaran. The tour is brilliantly laid-back, stuffed with interesting things to do (snorkelling, helping set the sails, mussel fishing (collection? musselling?)) without feeling regimented in the least. Sitting/lying around on the deck was also fully acceptable, and we did a lot of that. Out in the bay we had grandstand views of the gorgeous scenery and a few interesting historical spots, including Captain Cook’s first landing point