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Our final mega-meal of the trip, at Quay. Rather impressive views of the Opera House*. Bloody good food, if slightly nondescript in the photos above. *Impressive, that is, so long as a cruise ship isn’t docked. The restaurant is in the terminal building, and accordingly your view on those days would be of portholes or on-board casinos or feeding troughs or whatever. And extremely generous with the wine, resulting in an afternoon spent passed out on our bed.

On a rainy day, we took the ferry in for a tour put on by Sydney Architecture Walks, wandering around a few modern buildings in the city’s core. Some extremely fancy government offices (third row on the right), nothing like the leaky dungeons of my workplace; a rather cool and environmentally righteous tower with sinuous atrium; a rather bland curving curtain wall by Renzo Piano, allegedly evoking the sails in the harbour; another “inside out” job by Richard Rogers. Also thrown in is a shot of Sydney’s nicely jumbled modern and Victorian buildings - makes for a surprisingly varied downtown core.