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The kids were very keen to visit Loch Ness to search for its famed monster, so we all bundled into the car to make the 45-minute trip up the road to Fort Augustus at the south end of the loch. Because we had someone in sick bay yesterday, it was all a bit spur-of-the-moment. Just as we arrived, there happened to be a boat departing that very minute for a scenic cruise around the lake, so we hopped aboard. We lucked into a gloriously sunny day and had a lovely, informative tour. Amongst other tidbits, we learned that Loch Ness is so deep it contains more water than all the lakes and rivers in England and Wales *combined,* and that boats need to use sonar to navigate because it the water has been stained dark with peat. Both ideal conditions for hiding a monster! Our eagle-eyed Nessie-spotters thought they caught a glimpse of her a few times, but in the end had to be satisfied with bringing home some cuddly stuffed monsters as souvenirs. Boat trip aside, we watched the Spirit of Scotland navigate the locks, and stopped for some scenic viewpoints on the way up and back.

Intrepid explorers keeping a keen eye out for any lake monsters.
Looking back towards the south end of Loch Ness.
Watching the Spirit of Scotland navigate the locks, in preparation for our own canal boating adventures in a few weeks’ time.
On our way up to Fort Augustus, we passed the Commando Memorial, looking out over the Nevis mountain range
The commandos have a lovely view!
On the way back home, we stopped for a little woodland wander by the River Garry.

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