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You can drive all the way up to the far end of the northern peninsula and have nothing but rain, drizzle, and fog. If that is your experience, you might question the merits of driving so many kilometres for so little reward. But when the sun shines and you have nothing but rugged beauty and rolling ocean as far as your eye can see, well then the long trip feels infinitely worth it. We may never come back this way again, given the distances involved, but we will have fabulous memories of our visit.

Fisherman’s Point in Saint Anthony
Pointing out whales surfacing off of Fisherman’s Point
Looking down from the top of Dare Devil trail
Looking down on Fisherman’s Point from above.
The wharf in Saint Lunaire-Griquet. Prior to the cod fishing moratorium in 1992, this town had 5,000 residents; now, it has just 500.
Viking storytelling
Hiking up towards Onion Cove, on the very northern-most tip of the peninsula.
Crooked steps through the woods at Onion Cove
A cemetery on the edge of the sea in Ship Cove.
Painted rocks in Ship Cove

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