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Having decided that an ascent of Mt. Snowdon was a bit more than little legs could handle (and possibly the big legs too), we set out on a crisp, clear Saturday for Llyn Idwal, one of the more popular hikes in Snowdonia. We were at the carpark by 8:45, but that proved to be not quite early enough to secure a spot, so our hike began and ended with a bit of a walk along the road from the next closest parking site. That aside, it was a terrific day from start to finish. The views were tremendous, and we all enjoyed scrambling up the rocks to the Devil’s Kitchen. A great day!

The mountain peaks surrounding our route.
Much of the path is very easy going, with a lovely stone path winding up the mountains to the lake.
Llyn Idwal. She’s a stunner!
After you walk halfway around the lake, things start to get steep.
And steps give way to scrambling over boulders.
There are lots of pretty mountain streams along the way.
But this is the view everyone comes for.


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