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In Rome, there is an ancient ruin or a renaissance monument around every corner. In only four days, we were barely going to see even a fraction of what the city has to offer. But, blessed by glorious weather, over the course of four days and 45 km on foot (yes, the kids too), we were able to hit most of the major sites, along with a whole host of other delightful spots.

The Fiumi Fountain in the Piazza Navona. The sculpture in the fountain represents a river from each of the four continents. The boys had fun seeking out an animal representing each river.
One of Rome’s many fountains. This one is called the Fountain of the Books, with each book representing a branch of knowledge (medicine, justice, mathematics, and music)
The Jesuit church of St. Ignatius
Ceiling fresco inside St. Ignatius. Ignatius is the fellow in the middle, spreading the gospel to the four corners of the world/ceiling.
The Pantheon.
And of course, we stopped to throw our coins into the Trevi Fountain, ensuring we would be back to Rome someday.


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