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Health status didn’t quite allow for a full itinerary around Alnwick, but we did get a chance to visit its most impressive second-hand bookshop. Located in a former train station, Barter Books is incredibly quirky and charming, with endless rows of books, cozy fireplaces, and a charming cafe. You can also see the original ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ WWII poster that was uncovered in the shop in 2000, and subsequently became an international phenomenon.

To enter of the city centre at Alnwick, you still need to pass through the old city gates.
Alnwick Castle — viewed only from the outside on this occasion!
Shelves lining the old railway station in Barter Books
The Keep Calm and Carry On poster uncovered at the bookshop
A model train whizzes around on top of the bookshelves.

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