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A cooking class at the originally monikered Saigon Cooking Class. Great fun, with the market visit to start, and then four dishes prepared over 3 hours.

On the menu:
1. Tofu Soup with Tomato, Herbs and Whipped Egg
2. Grilled Beef, Herb and Kumquat Salad, with Sticky Fish Sauce Dressing
3. Braised Caramelised Pork
4. Chicken Curry with Lemongrass and Coconut Juice

Verdict: #2 was the standout for flavour, but the technique and general flavour profile behind the caramelisation of #3 was probably the most interesting, especially so since we’d had a caramelised fish dish the night before that was super tasty. #1 was quick, healthy and surprisingly tasty, and #4 was a good, solid (if not particularly novel) chicken curry.

Certainly no bad dishes, and all will happily go into the repertoire once we’re back. Especially now we know what all of the various Vietnamese herbs look like for Chinatown shopping purposes.

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