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After we left Gros Morne, we made our way east to Trinity Bay. We were staying in Port Rexton with family, and much of our days were filled with homey family pursuits — picking blueberries and turning them into pies, learning how to play the Bodhrán, riding four-wheelers, making pizzas, joining a music night with the neighbours.

Still, we also went on a couple of local expeditions, including to Trinity, which is a very pretty little town (if somewhat over-touristed) with lots of historic buildings restored as they were in the nineteenth century, and a walk around the stunning Skerwink Trail. We’d last done both of these before Abe was born, when Max was just three months old — thankfully this time around we didn’t need to carry him the whole way.

Checking out the view on the Skerwink Trail on Trinity Bay
Sea stacks on the Skerwink Trail
Trinity Harbour from across the bay near Port Rexton
Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity
Watching the traditional blacksmith at work in the Green Family Forge in Trinity
Joining in the Newfoundland music night

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