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The wonderfully crazy moped and motorcycle drivers of Saigon. Pavements are often considered fair game as an extra lane, a phenomenon that is particularly acute in the evenings, when rush hour traffic jams at red lights are neatly bypassed.

Even when driving rather more conventionally (i.e., actually on the road), they are 4 abreast in each lane, flowing through turns en masse as if connected by some hive mind – it’s extraordinary that no one crashes.

In fact, the spatial awareness on display by all drivers in Saigon’s astonishingly busy* roads is amazing. The vehicle density is way higher than in the West, but so is movement between lanes – and it’s this full two-dimensionality of traffic flow, enabled by the spatial awareness, that keeps things (only just) moving.

* There are apparently 37 million motorbikes in Vietnam.

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