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After a fitful night of half-sleep, we ventured out into the city late morning. We headed to Ginza on the subway, with plans to walk from there to the Imperial Palace after lunch. We found a small, cheap restaurant for lunch, where we succeeded in ordering by pointing to what the other people were eating. Delicious grilled mackerel with a miso soup, rice, and cold green tea. We then stopped into the Sony building and played with the toys in their showroom, before heading over to Mitsukoshi, a large department store in the vein of Harrods. The food halls (three

Accompanying Dave to the wedding were Allison and Matthew, seen in the above. We spent all sorts of lovely time with them, including a piggy-back ride across “the walking bridge”. Of course, a 4 and a 2-year-old have energy reserves (particularly first thing in the morning) that science cannot yet fully explain; when they departed at 7am today to fly back to St. John’s, they left in their wake four adults who all required their own nap-time.