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Looking as stylish as ever in our diving-wear, we went for a couple of night dives, which was a pretty crazy experience. The first was with a big group, but the second was just the two of us, on our own in the dark ocean with a torch and glow stick each. We took the camera for that one and learned that underwater photography at night is…stupidly hard! Still, here’s the blurry best of a bad bunch. Swear to God that somewhere in the last one is the (not at all aggressive) reef shark that was circling the boat as

A masterpiece of urban renewal, Cheonggyecheon was a river flowing through ancient Seoul that was eventually covered over and then turned into an expressway. In 2003, the city government decided to uncover the old stream, and create a park right in the heart of Seoul. And it’s a great success, a truly lovely waterway in the midst of hectic traffic and bustle. The Festival of Lanterns officially kicks off tomorrow - we were lucky enough to get an early viewing.