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Standing at the foot of the Tower, watching the sun set over Seoul. As dusk turns to twilight to darkness, the purple mountains and silver river and red-gold trees fade away. Orange bulbs of street lights dot the city, red lines of tail lights snake outwards, neon signs pulsate everywhere. The city has emerged.

Leaving Japan Japan has been wonderful. As a country to visit, it has everything you could want: buzzing cities, scenic countryside, delicious food, breathtaking sights both ancient and modern. The contrast between the extraordinarily large and densely populated cities and quiet mountain villages, between flashy neon lights and peaceful shrines and temples, was stunning. Japan’s also easy to navigate, and the people are friendly and helpful, even though English is not widely spoken. It seems a far more vibrant, comfortable and flourishing place than the prevailing western perception of stagnant economy and aging society would suggest. Highlights of the trip included the