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We left our trusty vehicle behind for the journey to Stockholm, since we were going out and back again. So after a short flight, we arrived at the most northerly spot of our trip. Despite the extremely bright evenings causing havoc on the kids’ sleep schedules, we had a wonderful time in the city, and felt like we could have stayed at least a week longer. It was welcoming, pretty, and had plenty of interest for all age groups in the party.

After some pampering for Father’s Day, we explored Gamla Stan, the old town. We spend a few hours taking in the majestic Vasa, which really does put the Mary Rose to shame, and got to experience Sweden’s fauna, culture, and historic architecture at the Skansen park. We also took a boat trip around the harbour, getting to see all the many waterfronts of the various islands on which the city is built.

But what really endeared us to the city were the days when we didn’t go full tourist, but played in the parks, dug in the beaches, and swam in the lakes. Being a Stockholmer seems like a happy existence, and the five days we got to live that life were good ones. We’ll be back.

They say the best way to see Stockholm is from the water!
Skansen is an open-air museum of Swedish history and culture.
The Gröna Lund amusement park sits on the edge of Djurgården in Stockholm’s harbour. We didn’t brave any of the rides (just as well).
Classic Stockholm architecture in the Stortorget plaza
Some of Östermalm’s finest waterfront architecture.
Stockholm Cathedral above the cobbled streets in Gamla Stan
A sentry stands guard at the Swedish royal palace
Swedes are famous for their love of candy. We watched some traditional sweets get made at the Polkagriskokeri shop
The metro system in Stockholm is efficient, but also beautiful.
The Vasa is a 400-year old sailing ship, sunk 1.3km into her maiden voyage. Owing to the particular conditions of Stockholm Harbour, the vessel was incredibly well-preserved and was raised from the seabed in 1961.
The carvings on the Vasa were very ornate, and many of them survived the 350 years under water, more-or-less intact.

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