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On one of our days in Bologna, we took a day trip to Modena. The highlight for the boys was surely the 30-minute train journey.

Catching the train at Bologna Centrale. Train buffs (hi, Dad) will want to know that we didn’t actually ride this high-speed train, since it was 5x the price and only saved 10 minutes. Plus regular Italian trains feel plenty fast for our Canadian boys.

Modena’s laneways were very similar to Bologna, and indeed the whole town feels like a smaller, quainter version of its neighbour.

The steeple of Modena’s Duomo through the lanes

We visited on a Saturday, and spent a fair chunk of time exploring the city’s covered market, collecting some foodstuffs to enjoy for our dinner back in Bologna. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at a small trattoria surrounded by Modenese families, and had a wander around the Modena cathedral.

Mercato Albinelli
We were ill-equipped to judge the guidebook’s claim that Modena’s duomo is ‘the finest Romanseque church in Italy.’

All-in-all, it was a nice little day trip from Bologna.

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