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Don’t tell anyone, but Kärnten, an Austrian province nestled in the Alps in the south of the country, is pretty much the perfect place for a summer holiday. While the rest of the continent was melting in record temperatures, here in the mountains the days were pleasantly warm and the evenings cool. (But nowhere is completely free of climate change impact…we had thunderstorms most days, and two hailstorms.) It was the perfect way to cap off our seven months in Europe: swimming and boating in mountain lakes, hiking with glorious mountain vistas, lunch in charming alpine huts.

Record heat descended on Europe in mid-July. We were staying in that one yellow strip of mild temperatures near the top of Italy.
The Millstatter See sparkles in the sunshine.
Cows grazing on the mountains overlooking the Millstätter See
Tripping along mountain trails
Swimming on the Ossiacher See
Cows graze on the approach to Sankt Oswalder Bockhütte, in the Nockberge
The Turracher Höhe was one of our favourite spots to ski in the winter months.
The bathing beaches at the mountains often feature water slides, diving pontoons, and all kinds of extras.
Alpine Pastoral Perfection
The brilliant blue waters of the Meerauge pond, near Slovenia
Woodland trail to the Märchenwiese
The Slovenian mountains rise up behind the Märchenwiese. The cows remain indifferent to their dramatic surroundings.

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